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Resort and spa in Marrakesh - Riad and luxury villa - stay Marrakesh
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THE DOMAINE ROSAROUM - La Palmeraie - Marrakech

The Domaine Rosaroum Luxury Resort & Spa is ideally located in the heart of Marrakech’s Palm Tree Garden (“Palmeraie”) and close to the Medina. In the Domaine, 14 private villas with pools are hidden behind lush greenery extending over 5.5 hectares. Between century-old date palms and blooming gardens of alluring scents, this quiet oasis offers an exotic escape from time.

Marrakech, city with many secrets, is a destination that guests can visit again and again and still discover unsuspected treasures each time.

Only a few kilometers away from the excitement of the souks and the splendors of the Majorelle Garden, the vast park of the Domaine Rosaroum is home to 3 Master Villas and 11 “Prestige” Villas with private pools, a spa and easy access to golf courses overlooking the Palmeraie. Just sit back and enjoy a personalized luxury service. More than an experience of comfort and well-being, the Domaine Rosaroum offers the perfect setting for a relaxing holiday.

Everything at the Domaine Rosaroum aims at awakening your five senses: its private space, the vastness of its park and flower scents, sunshine rays and shadow games, warm color harmonies, the choice of noble materials worked in the purest of traditions, flavors of a fine cuisine, and smiles of an attentive and discreet staff.

The MASTER Villa

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The « Prestige » Villa

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